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CHRISTY BOWE is an acclaimed photojournalist. Over the course of her career, she is one of the few women still photographers to have covered five consecutive US Presidents, eight Presidential Inaugurations, the confirmation hearings of eight US Supreme Court Justices, and two U.S. Presidential Impeachment Hearings. 

She has captured heroes, sages, celebrities, and royals, the glam of galas, the pomp of ceremonies, the horrors of 9/11, the fervor of protests, the madness of the January 6 insurrection, and the challenges of political leadership.

Dive in to this insider view of the White House and the men and women who fill it with life, love, and controversy.
Christy Bowe is not only a veteran White House press photographer. She's a chronicler of the real people behind the gravitas of the presidential facade. In History in the Making: Focus On Five US Presidents, Bowe not only takes us through a pictorial journey of five US presidencies but depicts the shifting human experience of each president, all of whom responds differently as both the US and the world send challenges, triumphs, and disaster their way. 



"Christy knows when to take the perfect shot that will capture the issues at hand, the politics at stake and the humanity that underlies all of it."

Former White House Press Secretary to former President George W. Bush

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