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November 5, 2024

Dive in to this insider view of the White House and the men and women who fill it with life, love, and controversy.
Christy Bowe is not only a veteran White House press photographer. She's a chronicler of the real people behind the gravitas of the presidential facade. In History in the Making: Focus On Five US Presidents, Bowe not only takes us through a pictorial journey of five US presidencies but depicts the shifting human experience of each president, all of whom responds differently as both the US and the world send challenges, triumphs, and disaster their way. 

When photographing at the White House there is no choice but to react quickly and respond spontaneously, and Bowe captures each moment perfectly. Throughout the journey, Bowe grants us an inside look into the steps she took and the people who inspired her to make her way into the storied halls of the White House-and what it takes to make it in the press corps.



“...Bowe’s book is an enthralling “peek behind the
curtain” into what goes on in the White House...”


Congressman (First District of Maryland)

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